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DanTDM Has Been Going Down Hill, Here’s Why

DanTDM has over 14.3 billion YouTube views, so if you haven’t heard of him I can guarantee you know someone who does. Just go ahead, and find out who you know that knows DanTDM, and we can all tell you that DanTDM has been going down hill, and here’s why.


DanTDM built his early YouTube fame on Minecraft. Of course back then every youtuber was doing segments about minecraft, but Dan The Diamond Minecart (TDM) made his minecraft videos different. He had Dr Trayaurus, and Grim the Skeleton Dog.

He would also do videos about mods, and maps, and occasionally act out videos like “How I met Dr Trayaurus”. The point is that he made a fictional world that people enjoyed, and made him rich, and famous.

Then Minecraft Died

Minecraft still has over 80 Million monthly users! The game isn’t dead itself, but the videos are. People got burned out on minecraft videos, and just got tired of them. A majority of people actually, minecraft still does have a YouTube following, just not as big as it once was, and I can tell you that people will always upload minecraft videos.

You can tell that Minecraft doesn’t have as big of a following by simply checking Minecraft YouTubers (who still do minecraft videos, or still use YouTube in general) Popular uploads.

I checked DanTDM’s popular uploads section on his YouTube account, and I saw that he had almost no popular uploads in the past year. His most popular videos are from 4, or 3 years ago, and most of them are about Minecraft.

Why DanTDM is Going Down Hill

He no longer posts videos that get him much over 10 Million views, intact 5 million views is a high number for his uploads now. Checking his recent uploads he seems to be getting videos that generally reach 1-2 million views after the first week.

Those numbers used to rise up as time went by for him, but now it seems like a huge percentage of them stay 1-2 Million, while some go 3-4.5 million views. Of course many people would kill for this, but again you need to remember that he used to post videos that easily, and quickly got 5 million views.

Can DanTDM Recover?

He still posts daily, and until he stops that his channel won’t completely die. I guess that the only way for him to actually recover is to grab on to the latest trend, and make his newest upload 100% about that one thing.


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