Internet Poll: Do You Believe Love Is Temporary, Or Forever

Everybody believes in a soulmate, and that possibility of a fairy tale type romance… or so we’re told. In this day, and age “Love” no longer means living together, saving sex for marriage, having a perfect white wedding, and staying together until your both dead for most people. Some of the worlds population–predominantly younger people–believe love is sex, bragging, a huge house, nice cars, et cetera.

Those Of the latter don’t believe in traditional love, f*ck 99% of them don’t believe in traditional marriage. I’m just messing with some of you, I don’t have any good, or bad feelings about gay marriage. I’m what you call neutral, which basically means that what I believe would be called “offensive”, so I’ll just stay away from the topic all together. Not because I don’t want to offend people, but I do need the money that this blog produces. That very little sum of money, that could be increased if you click here, and donate. (Hint, Hint!)

As I was saying: The latter of the two types of people don’t really believe in true love most of the time. They believe that love is temporary, and sex, money, power, drugs, basically they believe that love is a rap song. Please vote on this poll, and tell us if you believe love is temporary, or forever.

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