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How To Write When It Gets Hard–Getting Over Writers Block

I know that at first writing may seem easy, and fun. Then again it may seem bad, and terrible. Now I don’t think that someone should be forced into writing–I do think that it’s a neccessary skill–but if you hate it don’t force yourself. Unless you know, it’s a school assignment.

For us writers, and students (From grade school to university) sometimes we end up with what’s called a writers block. This can mean that we don’t have both of the two I’s essential for writing.

  • Inspiration, and
  • Interest

Of course I could come up with a couple more words that start with I that would be just awesome for writing, but too many things come in pairs of 3, and 5, and 4 just seems weird. Whens alls saipd, and done though all you need is Inspiration, and Interest to overcome writers block.

I recently wrote an essay for school. This was two days ago, and I haven’t posted on my blog in 5 days. I had writers block, I couldn’t think of anything I could passionately write about, so I just stopped writing.

Go ahead, keep reading I’ll get to the point in a couple sentences.


The essay topic was: 5 Famous People Who Had/Have Mental disorders (Including people with certain phobias) and it had to be at least a Paragraph per person. I was once passionate about writing, and I loved writing essays for school, and this was easy. I didn’t write it quickly though, because my passion for writing had gone.

I had to fix this, because this was school. My grade was very much affected by this essay that just had to be 5 Paragraphs long. So to fox the problem I did a simple thing: I made the essay about people who interested me, and about people who inspired me.

I wrote about people who I found interesting, like: Al Capone, and Ozzy Osbourne. And people who inspired me like: Richie Valens. This essay ended up being 4 pages long, I wrote about the person, and at least a Paragraph on the mental illness. Sometimes they had more than one mental illness, so I covered the second one too. All it took was this one essay, that I spent all night on, and I remembered why I love writing.


When I said “And people who inspire me like: Richie Valens” that’s not the type of insperation you neccesarily need for writing. It helps, but I doubt that some people who may interest you inspire you. Think of it this way: Hitler interested mental health doctors to find out if–or what kind–of mental disorder he had. Yet I doubt any of those doctors were inspired by Hitler to do things… horrible things. They may have been inspired to research if he had a mental illness, oh but wait a second, in this case “Inspired”, means the same as “Interested”. You just have to catch these things.

No, during this moment I was inspired to get a good grade on this paper. On this blog I am inspired by the the possibility that I may someday be able to write full time, or that I may even get to as little as 100 followers. I am also inspired by the daily traffic I receive, that isn’t much, but is enough.


When you have writers block don’t give up on something. Just momentarily leave, and work on a new project that inspires you. And when your newly inspired continue your work on the previous topic. Again, don’t force yourself to write unless God, your boss, or a teacher tells you to. Especially God however, I mean thanks to that big guy in the sky we have the Bible–a Book that inspires hundreds of million of people to do good deeds.

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