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4 Things About People That People Hate

As humans by the time reach 2 years old there are people that we hate–Except for Jesus, you know he didn’t really hate people. As we mature we start hating more people, and eventually specific things. You could hate when people eat with an open mouth, when people talk out of their a*s, or even when it’s as small as using their hands when they talk.

Generally however people don’t care about how others use their hands in a conversation, and we gathered seven of the most hated things that people hate about people.

4. Talking While Eating

I have met many people who don’t give one flying f*ck when people talk while eating. Then I’ve met a select few–like by own sister–who literally get so angry the would throw a f*ck out of anger if they could. Hence, the birth of the actual flying f*ck. But those “select few” are just a small percentage of the people who find talking while eating repulsive, those are just the crazy ones in that bunch.

This is because you may spit food out while you talk, or they just simply hate the sound your mouth makes. Or they just find it, you know, “unclassy”, once I was even told to stop eating with my mouth open, because “We are in a nice restaurant, Caden”. Can you believe that?

My sister gets so mad she threatens harm upon me. You know that you’ve pissed someone off when a d*mn vegetarianwho won’t even kill a beetle–Threatens to stab you in the mouth. What’s even worse is the time she tried to kill me, for eating with my mouth open. She was 11 at the time, I was 13. Yet, somehow our lizard ended up dying… I have no idea how, but I think she killed him. I mean a lizard doesn’t commit suicide, and that little m*otherf*cker had absolutely no head. They can drop a tail, yeah, but a head?

3. People Who Explain Basic Sh*t

Oh, BTW you just may want to press the buttons on the remote to change the channel


Yeah, yeah TV’s have these remotes, ya know, and you should press the buttons on them to change the channel.

Yeah, I understand that… why… why-why would you think you need to tell me that? Because that is very basic information.

Oh, Yeah, well I didn’t know that you knew about remotes, and how they could change channels, Okay? yeah Okay. Yeah.

That b*tch in the black quotation marks () is one of the worst types of people. They know the minimal, and most basic information that a person needs to survive in this world. And then they choose to preach those things to the world, act like it’s a secret they just now discovered, and they tell everyone about it expecting to be told their a “Genius”.

I know how to play cards, and I know how to turn of the heat, and I know how to wipe my a*s. But these annoying people say things like…

“Um, no, no your doing that wrong. Let me show you how to do this.”

They always say “Um”, “No”, “Okay”, and “Yeah”. That’s annoying in itself.

2. Those Who Explain Complex Info like a d*ck

So in my family everyone want sto be the next millionaire, and genius. Unspokenly it’s a war between each generation of our family, as to who will first succeed. Now I like to read, and learn, then share information I’ve gathered. I always fact check, and I give a full description. Now others in my family don’t find a multitude of things interesting like me, they either just have knowledge on one thing, or randomly actually know something. Let me explain both.

One Subject

Everyone reading this has that one thing they know everything about. So when that info comes up, I’m sure your just dying to enlighten the others about all that you know. My dad on one hand loves learning about supplements, and bodybuilding. He spends hours a day on YouTube watching guys in speedo’s lift wheights.

Yeah, that does sound gay, don’t it.

Well anyways whenever the subject comes up he likes to give his two, or one hundred cents on the subject. He doesn’t have the best way if doing it though. He likes to put emphasis on everything he says, especially things like “No, Your wrong, and “No-No your wrong, believe me I know more about this then you do”, and every d*cks favorite combination of words “Now, let me explain”. Can you see how that’s annoying? No? Well, let me explain.

If you don’t get that joke please leave the website now.


Randomness information is when you know that Betsy Ross created the US Flag, but you don’t know that it didn’t always have 50 stars. You know a random peice of information on the subject, but you don’t know the whole story. That’s like knowing that the turtle won the race, but not knowing that there was ever a rabbit.

I was playing a card game with my family, and my cousin overheard us talking about game development companies, and he said “Yeah, I bet that their gonna stop developing discs soon, and just have everything digital“. Now that’s not bad information, but what does it have to do with a conversation about how game development companies are growing, and a good buisness idea? He just randomly said that too, as we were talking.

1. People That Act “Classy”

I think that most people are equal. But that’s more spiritually speaking, when were talking about here on earth we have classes–no matter what country, state or city your in. There’s always the richer people, and the poorer ones.

My personal favorites are the rich people that wear Jeans, a belt, a button-up shirt, drive a truck, and occasionally wear a baseball hat. They eat burgers at restaurants, and drink soda. I hate the ones who wear clothes worth thousands, and make it very clear that their clothes are worth thousands, and they talk down on restaurants that have 5-star reviews. I hate the people that drive Ferrari’s, I mean the car isn’t even that nice. I understand corvettes, and Mustangs but a Ferrari is just a status symbol.

I prefer the poorer people who wre grateful, and happy. Not the ones who blame their misfortunes on others, and complain to everyone about how poor they are. You can complain to me about how your not successful because of so-and-so, but I won’t care unless you really got screwed over.

I could have been a millionaire, because I came up with the idea for fastfood in the first place. Bullcrap, I don’t care.

I used to be a doctor for the military, and one day I created a vaccine for chickenpox, but then my assistant doctor stole my paperwork, and sold my idea to a medical company. Out of anger I got fired, got addicted to alcohol, and went bankrupt… eight years of medical school down the drain… no one will hire me now…Now you I believe, and have pity for. That sound realistic. Complain to me anytime you want.

Acting “Classy”

Now I’m upper middle-class–also I’m in my teens–and I know people–or more accurately, other teens–who act out of their class. There’s this one girl, who tries to tell everyone what’s right, and whats wrong. (She’s also one of those people who explains basic things) Anyways she acts like she’s the daughter of royalty, and tries to put people in their place–when she’s out of her own place (NOTE: I don’t support, or like classes whatsoever, but you shouldn’t act like your better than others, no matter if your in a higher, or lower class than them.)

Classes in general are disrespectful, and annoying.

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      1. True, I thought as much too. It’s ok when it’s not really harming anyone, when it’s casual and friendly. 🙂 On a larger context though, I do hope the trend slows down soon.

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