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The New Joaquin Phoenix “Joker” Movie Looks Awful

The Joker was best portrayed by Heath Leger. Heath once locked himself in a room for a long period of time so he would be crazy enough to play the Joker. He didn’t want Christian Bale (Who played batman) to fake punch him, no he wanted him to actually hit, and hurt him during the interrogation scene in the movie.

The Heath Ledger joker looked like he’s missing a few screws. Then you look at the Joaquin Phoenix Joker as shown down below.

Now take a look at the Heath Ledger Joker

Which one looks more criminally insane? The Joaquin Phoenix Joker looks as if he has a team of make-up artists, while Heath Ledger did his own make-up. By now you should be able to see which one is more devoted to the tope as the Joker.

This devotion is the simple reasons as to why the new “Joker” movie won’t be very good. It’s a comparison thing. Lots of us are going to be comparing Phoenix, to Ledger, and Ledger comes put ahead. So even if this was the most well-written movie of 2019, it still won’t be a good movie because the acting isn’t as good as Heath Ledgers. That’s the cold fact of the matter.

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