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3 Ways To Set Up A Backup Plan & Why You Should

If I was given the opportunity–right now to drop out of school, and work for a blog, or newspaper I would accept it. Even if I was going to be making less than the average American. That’s because I love writing, and someday I want it to be my full-time job.

No matter if I had a 5-year contract, and I was gonna be making 100K a year, or if I didn’t have a contract, and i was going to make 40K a year I would accept the Job… BUT I would make sure that I had a backup plan just in case.

The Ten Commandments may have been written in stone, but nowadays nothing is. Even if you have a contract they could find a way to make you leave, and, well, if you don’t I’m sorry, but your screwed. If you don’t have a backup plan that is.

More Detail…

More detail as to why you should have a backup plan. I didn’t want to confuse you. If you don’t have a backup plan for multiple different situations then you can lose prizes possessions, or even have your life ruined. Let me give you 3 Instances where you would need a backup plan.

1. Fired

If you get fired you’ve lost either 100%, or maybe just half, or 1/3 of yourself/families income. That can make you lose a house, car, kid, food, and in some instances lead to death.

Wait, a second… House? Car? Kid? Food? Life? Those are Essential for life! You’d best not lose those things.

What To Do

How much money can you scrape away from your paycheck, and put into an emergency fund? Can you by any chance set up some jobs that you can take, in case your fired. Those are the best options. As I writer I would set away a percentage of my paycheck every month, and submit my extra work to other websites, or newspapers. Eventually I would have enough money set away to last ne awhile, and good enough connections to get me a job.

2. Divorce

Over half of all marriages end in divorce. In most cases the wife comes out of it with child support, alimony, the house, the car, and the kids. This isn’t always the case, but lots of times it is. Now either man, or woman I suggest that you set up a Divorce Fund, or before you get married Sing prenups.

A divorce fund is when you have some hidden money. Preferably cash, because its the easiest to keep hidden. Infact for a divorce fund I highly suggest against the banks. (No banks, Cash!) This fund can be saved in case you need extra money for a lawyer for your case, or so that you can afford a motel.

Then a prenup ensures that if you are to get divorced the wife cannot take any assets from the husband, and the husband cannot take any assets from the wife. Sometimes they can be for assets gotten before marriage, sometimes they can be fir all assets in general. Let me get this straight however: If your a man or a woman setting up a prenup for your soon-to-be wife/husband, or one if being set up for you make sure that there’s a clause that mentions cheating. If you cheat on your spouse you should face punishment. Punishment like losing your house, car, kids, etc.

3. Fire/Earthquake

If your house in on fire, or there’s an earthquake that’s destroying your house then it wouldn’t be a and idea to keep some special things inside an emergency backpack under your bed, or an emergency storage locker somewhere far away.

An emergency backpack is when you keep food, water, some money, and a couple prozed possessions, including an emergency aid kit in a backpack. Then if you need to leave the house because of a fire, or earthquake you have most of what you need in said backpack which you can keep next to the door, or the better option under your bed.

An emergency storage locker is pretty dang expensive… but it can really save you if you put some priceless belongings in it, and a safe filled with whatever you find that you would need. Then put a couch in there, and some blankets, and you have a place to stay if your home gets destroyed. Make sure that this area is at least a two hour drive away, never in the same city. Of there’s a major fire in your city that destroyed your home it would destroy the locker, and if an earthquake was powerful enough to destroy your home then it would also most likely destroy lockers in the same city.

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