Keeping A Blog Alive P5: Connecting With Your Audience

Do you want to go to a meeting where you are simply told about how this, or that is an epidemic or problem? Or would you feel more comfortable if a couple jokes were cracked, and some stories were told? Well whatever your answer is it doesn’t matter. Your audience matters, and even if your writing an article about foot fungus you need to connect with them, fool around with them, and lighten the mood. Make them feel comfortable, and like their talking to a friend, or even like their talking to a dirty-mouthed uncle.

To connect with your audience you need to let them think that your individually talking to them. As you read this I bet that the fact that this article is going out to my followers, whoever searches the tags I use, and clicks this headline, whoever find this on the internet. Anywhere from 60 to millions of people if this goes viral. I doubt this will go viral though, there aren’t very many writers.

You catch that? Boom. Small talk. That last sentence meant nothing. However it can mean all the difference to a reader, because it makes them feel comfortable.

I am italicizing my words. That’s when I made my words go from THIS to THIS. That’s helping me connect with the audience. Many of you don’t know this, but italicized words mean that you put emphasis on that word. Like if you were to yell the word “You!” At someone then on paper that would come out as “You!“, because of the emphasis on that word. It’s like how when you get scolded by your mother from that time you definitely did not egg the neighbor’s house–even though that lying old–well I better not speak I’ll of the dead–said she saw you doing it.

I just shared a story, which again is the second way to connect with your audience, and I bolded some words which also helps you connect. Let me explain: Stories make you feel like your listening to a friend, and lots of peopel are just skimming through your articles for advice on the subject. Those people are looking for titles, or bolded words so that they can try to find what they’re looking for, without reading the whole article. They can also be used for a different type of emphasis too. An emphasis that isn’t short, but Bold–as the name implies.

Connect with your audience like how gears connect, and operate. I mean gears are the picture I used.


Have some gosh dang Charector when you talk. Don’t talk in a boring monotone. That’s not what draws in the viewers, and subs. When people want information about a subject, they want good information. But no matter how good your information is they may not retain it if you don’t make them get involved, and interested. They probably wont even finish the article.

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