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Personal Story: Watching A Possible Drug Deal At Safeway, Kent Washington

Personal Story: Watching A Possible Drug Deal At Safeway, Kent Washington. Submitted by Anonymous.

As I write this the time is 1:27 PM Apiril 10th 2019. Ive been waiting for 15 plus minutes. I’m watching a family member (whose identity, and family status will remain anonymous) who has a history of drug abuse, and is currently showing signs of drug use. This person is in the Safeway Parking lot in Kent Wa.

This Safeway is one of the most heroin overrun places, and it shares the parking lot with a strip mall. This person is parked right next to Star Nails, the nail salon in the Strip mall. I just called the nail salon to see if by any chance this person in there. No this person wasn’t. Little fact: Behind the strip mall there are loads of syringes, and people high on heroin, and word on the street is that the strip mall has been complaining to the police, but they’re doing nothing.

However in Kent, Covington, Auburn, and most cities in this area the Police do absolutely nothing about drugs. They don’t touch you, they don’t arrest you, they do nothing if your high on Meth, Heroin, or anything. The only thing they’ll do is stop a drug deal, which they rarely do…

I’m hoping this person isn’t in that alley. Safeway must be worth tens of billions. They’re doing nothing either. They are obviously not a community helping company. Sad. Think of all the OD’s, and lives ruined this corporation–or whatever you want to call it–could have stopped. How many more are like it? Are they just not willing to spending the money? Shame.

I have a concealed weapons permit, and I got a little paranoid. It’s now 1:37 PM, I keep writing, and glancing over to view the car this pers on sits in. Maybe, again she could be behind the alley. My guns cocked, and loaded. I’ve been recording this entire time with a different device.

If I see a deal I will call the police. I’ll give them the recordings, but this person… I’m not sure what will happen with them. I’ll report back, you’ll see my final report underneath the line down below. That will be where I place the outcome: Drug deal, or no drug deal. Does it matter though? Yes this person is a shame–especially for me–but we know for a fact that there are still drug deals, and syringes. I just hope that if I Tag, Write, good, and add some good SEO Safeway, or the city will see this, and make a change. But of course, the city already knows… it may take public outrage to motivate them…

1:56 PM: A suspicious looking character parked near me. There were three in the car. Two starred at me, one walked away. Then suddenly the man came back to the car, and this person I was watching pulled out, andmoved to the other side of the parking lot. Now this person is in front of the Rich’s 5-Star Pizza. I think someone may have seen me, or got a suspicious feeling, and somehow told her, and possibly other to move.

2:00 PM: OK she walked inside, and this boy I saw riding his bike near her car beforehand rode, and waited near the Starbucks right next door to rich’s 5-star. He waited outside on the sidewalk, and suddenly she walked out of Rich’s 5-Star. She looked every which way, and was obviously very paranoid. All these big, and small, and huge buisnesses surround this Safeway. Why do none of them do anything?

Obviously something happened, and since this person is a heroin addict, in the heroin capital near us, and this person just waited about 45 minutes in their car, I would say a drug deal just went down. My car was parked so I couldn’t see Rich’s 5-Star Pizza, just the nail salon. Someone could have entered the building to meet her, while I was looking at the nail salon. The bike boy could have been keeping watch. But why did she walk out of a pizza place paranoid, and with no Drink, or food of any kind.

2:07 She’s in her car, it just started. I know something happened. I’m very sure it was a drug deal. It most likely was. All I needed to see happened, and it is all on camera. I know the police would do nothing though, the city would do nothing, so I’m not going to call the police, and because I don’t want to get in trouble with my ad provider I’m not going to put the video on the site.

I’m just urging Safeway, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and all the other big buisness not only in this area, but this parking lot too, to do something that the police wont.


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