The Daily Paragraph

Day: April 14, 2019

How Many Times Should You Post Daily To Make A Living Blogging, And How Many Words Should Be Used Per Post

As I’ve mentioned before you need at least 20,000 views per month to make a living blogging. You also need to write a book, and set-up some affiliate links. But how do you achieve those 20,000 Views per day? Frequency Quality Those are the two expert blogger Essentials. How frequent do you blog, or post, […]

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H2DI Album In The Making

Recently we announced that we are going to start converting most, and probably all of our articles into videos. Our editor-in-chief Caden738 set this idea into play, and that project is hopefully going to be completed by 2020. Before that however we have other recordings coming out soon. Quick Fact: owns which just […]

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