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How Many Times Should You Post Daily To Make A Living Blogging, And How Many Words Should Be Used Per Post

As I’ve mentioned before you need at least 20,000 views per month to make a living blogging. You also need to write a book, and set-up some affiliate links. But how do you achieve those 20,000 Views per day?

  • Frequency
  • Quality

Those are the two expert blogger Essentials. How frequent do you blog, or post, and what quality are those posts?

On your blog I would suggest that you should post around 5 times daily every day. It wont be glamorous at first, but the views will build up, and up. Eventually–probably within 4 months to a year–you will be receiving the 20,000 Essential monthly views, or more. It’s hard work.

Then when you add quality into the factor it gets harder. There are some lucky b*stards who make a 3 Paragraph post 3 times a day, and make a living. But the majority need to make 5 daily posts of 1000-3000 words each. Good news is: The latter makes more in the end, and the lazy person who only makes those 3 daily, 3 Paragraph posts always–somehow–goes out of business.

Don’t Start Out At 5 Daily However

I started out posting once every 3 days. Then eventually every other day. You know the charts: I kept on posting more every day. You don’t have to start out making 5 posts a day, it eventually builds up to 5, and then maybe it will build up to 10, 12, or 20. The more you post the more success you’ll have.

Don’t Start Out With 1,500 Words Per Post

I started out with 3, or 4 Paragraphs per post. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. My blog has lasted longer than most, and profited more than most, and these are exactly what I did: I started out very small, and built up. You will want to get to those 10 Paragraph posts though, and eventually 20 paragraph posts.

Yes, blogging is hard, but if you build up slowly than it gets easier. I can safely write a 15, or 20 Paragraph post, and stay in my comfort zone. Some can do more, some less. Just build up to the point you find acceptable.

Don’t Word Stuff Though

If you cant come up with a couple more Paragraphs or sentences than just end it there. Word stuffing is when you spew junk just to fill a word quantity, but that quantity doesn’t guarantee quality. Infact word stuffing makes the quality of your site, quite frankly crappy.

There have been occasions where I find something I’m going to write about, but after I start writing I find out that there either isn’t enough information, or sources, or for whatever reason I cannot get more than 5 Paragraphs. Their well informed, and have as much information as possible, but theirs only 5 of them. Now I could always stretch those 5 Paragraphs into 10 whole paragraphs, but then everything is choppy, and incomplete.

What most many writers don’t understand is that the reader actually does care about quality, and they don’t want a bunch of nothing. Word stuffing costs you many things: Profit, Subscribers, and loyal/frequent visitors.


Try to build up to 5 daily posts, and 20,000 monthly visitors. Try to build up to 1000-3000 words per post. At first take it slow if you need to though. Taking it slow helps you not get overwhelmed, and helps you keep blogging, and posting daily.

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