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The 3 Best Dog Breeds

Do you own a golden retriever? Well sorry, but they aren’t as good as everyone says they are. In this list I will be listing the 3 best dog breeds… the 3 best true dog breeds. We will be judging our breed listings by seeing which 3 types of dogs have excelled in the 3 character traits listed down below


  • Protectiveness
  • Sensitivity
  • Smarts

We would like to emphasize that while there are 3 dog breeds listed down below #3 is not worse than #1, and #1 is not better than #2. They are all equal breeds, not one WORSE, or BETTER, than the other. But each one of these dogs does do better in one of those traits than the other two.

3. Australian Shepherd (Both Full Size & Mini)

Australian Shepherds are beautiful dogs. They are often linked with smarts, protectiveness, and every other good dog trait. You never here of one going crazy, you only hear good. An Australian shepherd was even once the worlds oldest dog.


Australian Shepherds are naturally protective. They will protect their owners no matter what. Let’s just say that if someone were to break into your house, an aussie–normal size, or miniature–would try to protect you if they saw the burglar cause you harm. They are so protective that if a burglar were to hurt them, while the dog was protecting you, the aussie would most likely still try, and fight the burglar. Putting themselves in harms way.


This is the type of dog that will kill a cat, and other small animals (e.g squirrels, rats), but if an aussie sees a baby cat crying it has a higher chance of putting aside instinct, and enforcing some kindness.


These are the type of dog that can be trained to herd cattle. Aussies are easy to train whether it be Sit, Stay, Lay, or Play dead. I would say that Aussies are the Smartest of the 3.


Aussies grow very deeply attached to owners, especially If you treat them well. They are sensitive to the point where they won’t follow through on animalistic instincts, and they are incredibly smart.

Personal Aussie Experience

I currently have two baby Aussies, and one who’s fully grown. Personal experiences are how I can write this article in the first place. Down below I listed 2 short definitions of the adult, and then the babies.

Adult (Oscar)

Best defined as: Wise

  • Very loving towards people, if he was human you could call him an extrovert. He also has a very special bond with other animals.
  • Very energetic, and active even though he’s 14, almost 15.

Babies (Oscar Jr. & Jasper)

Left: Oscar Jr. (Black Fur) Right: Jasper (Blue Eyes)

  • The most energetic type of pup I’ve ever had.
  • Very playful with each other, and small children.

2. Staffordshire Terrier (AKA “Pitbulls”)

These dogs are often seen as mean dogs, that are bound to break–or snap if they haven’t already. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong!


These dogs are some of the most sensitive little guys you’ll ever have the pleasure of owning. However did you know that the reason many dogs in the pound go crazy when you go near their kennel is because they’ve been beat? That’s the technique that many people use to make their dog protective, and its horrible. They take sweet dogs, and hurt them so bad that they get all mean, and aggressive to protect themselves. This is all to common in this breed. They are truly sensitive when they are born, and if not beaten they are sensitive until they die.


Little do those a*sholes who beat their dog to make it aggressive know these dogs are already protective. Much like Australian Shepherds you need to gain their trust, and love first. So if people spent more time with their Staffies, they would grow protective. You don’t need, and never should beat your dog, and saying that doing it “makes them more protective” is not a good reason to hurt them, EVER! THATS WHAT CAUSES THEM TO EVENTUALLY BREAK IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! This is the most naturally protective breed, too. Getting kicked, punched, hit with a board, whatever that burglar try’s to do they are the most likely to fight back, and with even more force than before.


These dogs aren’t as easy to train tricks in the sense that they take longer to learn. Taking longer doesn’t equal stupidity though, and they often can sustain more complex, tricks, and can learn more tricks in general. They also don’t easily forget tricks.


BAD PEOPLE GIVE THESE GOOD DOGS A BAD NAME. They are very naturally protective, show a higher sensitivity level than most other animals, and are smarter than a golden Retriever. That’s right, I said it.

Personal Experience

My dog (Piggy) has been treated very nicely. He hasn’t “snapped” as many people say they do at some point, and shows no signs of doing so. He’s like a 50, or so pound lap dog.

Adult (Piggy) Traits

He’s the spoiled one…

  • He gets along well with other animals, but for the most part is a couch dog. That means he’s lazy, and plays around all day.
  • I cannot say anything is “bad” about him, but he does get territorial orver food. He doesn’t fight over it, and doesn’t get mad when it’s taken away, he just walks over to the bowl when other dogs are eating, and try’s to butt their head away by using his own head.

1. Rat Terrier

Have you ever even heard of a rat Terrier? Its classified as a “Rare Breed”. Once it was common though, in the ’20’s, and ’30’s.


These dogs used to be used as pest control animals. Now they’re more likely to be used as show dogs, hunting/tracking dogs, or… well I guess their still used for pest control.


I’ll start this out by saying that they are the most sensitive of the 3. It’s strange how they show the same level of sadness as their owner, and will curl up next to them to comfort them, never leaving their side. They also when yelled for things such as going potty in the house go into a sort of depression, and they get depressed when they aren’t shown attention.


For small dogs it’s not uncommon too bark at home intruders, and larger dogs. I wish it was because small dogs are protective, but its because they’re afraid. If a burglar shows most small dogs one little gesture of dominance the dog basically says “f*ck this I’m outta here!” Not Rat Terriers though! Like pitbulls they seem to get even more aggressive, and like bears they get more aggressive the closer you get to their loved ones. For bears that their babies, for these loyal terriers it their owners.

Personal Experience

My Rat Terrier (Koda Bear) is my animal baby. He goes everywhere with me, 1. Because my other dogs are too big, and 2. Because he can’t stand being alone.

Adult (Koda Bear)

  • Mood swings. Sometimes tired, sometimes playful, and his attitude can change *finger snaps* like that.
  • The loyalty, and sensitivity are incredible. Never leaving an owners side, and feeling the same pain? This is the type of dog that would cry at your grave if you died.



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