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Keeping A Blog Alive P6: When To Take A Break

Recently I haven’t been posting very much. It’s been 3 days since mylar post, when I generally post 1-2 times per day. Want to know why? Honestly I got bored, and I just couldn’t. I couldn’t force myself to do it, and that was the best option I could have taken.

By forcing yourself to keep going, you just make yourself hate it. When your forced to do something keep in mind that they key word is “forced”. What most people don’t realize is that sometimes you just need a short break. That’s why you take vacations, right?

Today I’m answering the question that a majority of writers ask: “Should I take a break”? As always I’m not going to force you to read the whole article, and the reasons, so I’m just gonna give the answer: Yes.


As I’ve said: If your forced to do something–even if you force yourself–youll start hating it, but if you just allow yourself to come back when your ready, you’ll enjoy it even more once your back.

How Often Should I Take A Break

Whenever you feel bored, or tired don’t immediately take a break. Try to find a way to personalize what you’re doing so that it’s fun for you. If you’re a novel writer than create a character based on you, and integrate them into your book. If you’re a blogger than write about things you love, and find interesting.

However if that doesn’t work then take a break.

How Long Should The Break Be

Let me ask you a quick question now: Do you write for a living? If so I wouldn’t take any more than a day, or two. If it’s just a hobby though then don’t take longer than a 3-4 day break. That’s because A. If you write for a living you don’t want to risk your career, and B. If you do it as a hobby then taking too much time off can make your forget, or just decide not to come back.

You never want that to happen. Writing has made me a smarter person, because I have to research some of my work. Writing makes you a smarter, more worldly person. Never quit.

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