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4 Ways To Tell If Your Parents Are Getting Old & How To Help Them

We all know what “That Age” means. It means that once someone gets too “that age” they may need advanced care of sorts. Whether its special care like live-in nurses, and elderly homes, or just paying more attention too them just in case. Here are 4 ways to tell if your parents are getting too “that age”.

4. Memory Loss

Let’s start with the obvious. Memory Loss is like the poster child of people getting old. Now memory loss isn’t always urgent. It doesn’t neccessary mean that your parents need help. But it could.

How much are they forgetting. If their forgetting their keys more than usual (because we all forget once in a while since the day we’re born) that’s not an emergency, but I do think that you should pay some closer attention for a while. Whenever I hear stories of great memory loss they always say it started with keys, or small things. So pay attention for a month, if theirs no progression in the memory loss than don’t worry.

3. Walking Issues

This could be walking with a limp, leaning over while walking, etc. Just try to watch them while they walk, and look for some abnormalities. If you do then take them too a chiropractor, and masseuse.

A weekly massage, and chiropractor visit can work wonders. I won’t lie it can be costly, and you don’t want to try yourself, so see if you can get the entire family too help, and pitch in. However if you notice the walking issues still happen after 2-4 weeks then take your parent to the doctor.

They may need a cane, a Walker, leg brace, wheelchair, or a wide range of devices. However these can sometimes make the issues twice as bad.

Walkers, and cane’s can provide them with walking support, yes. But they can also be too short, and make them lean over. Resulting in back pain, and possible health issues. So if you have a taller parent you may need to specially order a walker/cane or have one custom made.

If they need to use a wheelchair then they might not get enough excercise. Which is vital for people their age. So you may want to gather the family again, and see if they can help pitch in for a personal trainer, or physical therapist. Or just have everyone take 30 minutes too an hour from a day, or two days a week to take your parent on a walk. I would suggest lifting small weights, but without a professional that could cause damage if your parent doesnt lift them correctly.

2. Vision Deterioration

Again this one is widely known, accepted, and associated with old age. However it’s also very slow, and your parent might not even notice that their vision is getting worse. Look for small signs like them holding something their reading closer, or squinting their eyes.

The only thing you can do about this is take your parent to the optometrist, have them checked, and get some glasses if they need it.

1. Growing Independence

Did your parent one day just stop asking for help? That could be because they need it now more than ever. That sounds weird too some of us, but our parents come from different generations. They aren’t always as comfortable with receiving help as we are.

Well what can you do about this? Be stern. When your parents get old it’s you that needs to step up, and become the head of the family. You need to push help on them, and eventually they’ll give in.


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