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What Happened To Country Music?

I’m sorry? Are you a country music singer, or a rapper? Country music used to have guitars–sometimes electric–drums, and real instruments. But now I feel like I’m listening to pop music when I turn on 100.7 (That’s a country radio station).

My friends tell me of this “great new country song”, and I expect to hear a song by someone named Dan, Toby, you know actual names. Not someone named “Lil Nas X”. That’s a rapper name. When I turn on a song by someone named Lil Nas X I expect to hear a song that goes like “Yo, Yo I’m hittin on da b*tches in da club”.

Then it’s not just the names, but I hear computer-generated songs in country nowadays. I like to listen to country, or rock is because I like to hear real instruments. And P.S an instrument isnt a Macbook. Sure they mix in some guitar, and drums with the computer sounds, but does that change anything? If I mixed just a little bit of acid in with your drink would that change the fact that I put Acid in your drink?

Times will change, and so will music. I get that. But at least don’t call it “Country”. Its misleading. They don’t label Metallica as Elvis. There would be riots, because older people wanted to here “Hound dog”, not “The Thing That Should Not Be”. If you did that then there would be a lot of complaints, and anger. But for some reason they got away with calling their sh*t country.


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