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Month: May 2019

4 Ways Robots Will Change The Future

Robots are a topic that people about a lot, it is something that we could see very soon in the future, with the way that society is improving and the way technology is improving robots will be very common in the future. There have been concerns that Robots could become so smart and advanced that […]

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3 Things To Do On Vacation

Vacations are something we all enjoy it is a time to just relax and enjoy our private time and by relaxing without having to worry about the stress of exams in schools or universities or have to worry about getting the sack at work. However, you don’t want to just sit in and do nothing […]

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2 Tips On Intimidating Ruthless Bosses

There are those days where people walk over over you. Where you feel like nothing. The source of that feeling may stem from your Ruthless boss. The only way to make him back off is by mastering… Intimidation! 1. Looks Is your job at a FastFood restaurant, or a brokerage company. That will help a […]

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Koko The Gorilla & His Advanced Understanding Of Sign Language

Where are used to being talking our fellow humans however wouldn’t it be great if someone could talk English to it’s best friend which is the dog? Could you imagine how much of a celebrity that dog would be if he could speak fluent English like Brian the dog in Family Guy. It would be […]

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Sgt. Stubby: WW1 Dog Hero!

World War One was a difficult time for everyone there was an estimate of 16 million people died on the military front and 37 million died in the world war in total. It was just humans that were suffering it was also dogs, horses, monkeys, pigeons, mules and even slugs got involved in the war. […]

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