Month: May 2019

Write For Us & Get Paid

If your a writer, and you want cash, and free website advertising then come write at We will give you full credit for your post, and add a followback link to your site. We will also pay you a minimum of $5 for a 500 word article. The topic is your choice. You can […]

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The Daily Paragraph Edition #11

U.S News If a cop shot you would you apologize? This girl did. The story was that a 17 year old girl was running towards a cop with a knife, and he shot her. She had a 12-inch kitchen knife, and the cop noticed it, and told her not to reach for it. She then […]

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Darkleigh: Magic Waters

On the bay of ponderay lies a pond called faund, which houses the fish in blouses, who dine at noon with the aquatic baboon, who frequently calls the Dalls. The Dalls are Eel’s, who go go royal balls, wearing their heels, where they meet with the king of lomping, the biggest city of faund, the […]

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Grandma O

Today I decided to go in a completely different direction with my articles, and write an honorcle. Because this article is meant to bring honor, and love to someone who means very much to me: My Great-Grandmother, or as we call her, “Grandma O”. I don’t like to give away who I am on here. […]

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The Brilliance: WeRateDogs | Ep.4

Before we start all the important stuff please just let me say: this article is biased. As I’m the biggest h*ckin’ fan of WeRateDogs. Infact right after this article I’m going to to buy myself a bark attack shirt. (Click here to purchase one for yourself) What Is WeRateDogs WeRateDogs (@Dog_Rates) is a Twitter […]

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