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The Brilliance: The Dodo | Ep. 2

The Dodo is a company that specializes in animal-related content. Generally their videos are emotional, and heart touching as they show you struggling animals prevailing, reunions, and other amazing animal stories. The Dodo is most popular for its videos, but also has great articles informative articles.

My personal favorite video is about Starfish, the dog with swimmers syndrome. It’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, while still allowing you to know the hardship of the illness. The video starts out by saying “One of the technicians had the needle in her hands, in complete tears” which implies that Starfish was about to be put down until the head of the clinic suggests getting a second opinion, saving Starfish’s life.

You see Starfish at the beginning of the video almost completely immobilized. Then over the course of a short 3 and a half minutes you see videos of her walking, and slowly improving.

The Brilliance Of The Dodo

The brilliance of the Dodo is reflected mainly in their videos, because the videos don’t just tell you about animals healing, and improving they show it, and showcase some animal issues you’ve never even heard of in a cute, touching, and loving way. That’s just a fraction of the videos however.

Videos like “Circus Animals Taste Freedom for the first time”, and “The Pittie Found Tied Up In A Basement” are also reflections of the Dodos Brilliance. Because they show animals happy, and excited after good things happen too them. In a way humanizing animals, and letting you know that they have emotions, feelings, and thoughts too. Just like you they appreciate freedom, and kind acts. So watching these videos may make an abusive person change their behavior, or various others change their views.

Then theirs The Dodos series named “The Dodos Odd Couples”, and “The Dodos Soulmates” (Both can be found on their YouTube Channel, and website). Odd Couples shows Cats, and dogs being best friends, as well as Dog, and Duck, a dog, and a sheep, and even a pig, and a duck. This shows how kind animals can be, and comfortable they can be with other animals.

“The Dodos Soulmates” allows you to see people making amazing animal friendships. People becoming friends with common pets like Snakes, common, but disabled pets like a paralyzed dachshund, or uncommon pets like a praying mantis. What you can learn from these videos is that every type of animal–even an insect like the praying mantis–can be your friend in the right circumstances. The Brilliance of the Dodo simply put: They make informative videos in a fun, inspiring, cute, lovable, and addictive way. And their videos are short, not taking up much time, so that you can just keep watching. In all that time you learn something too, whether it be that


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