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Are Politics Essential

Things Like food, and clean water are Essential. Meaning that we cannot live without them. But are politics Essential? Some people live a life free of politics. They never mention who their voting for, nor do they mention who they aren’t voting for. While others cannot wait a second to tell you everything.

The question as to whether or not politics are Essential is a tough one though. In some ways, yes, and in some ways, no. Please allow me to elaborate on the Pro’s, and the Con’s.

The Pro’s

Food. Clean Water. Two essentials. What if I told you though that politics could be the reason why you have clean water? At some point, and time someone may have petitioned to city to create, or upgrade, a water treatment center. That’s politics.

Some of our food comes from other countries. International trade? Politics.

If your kids have gotten a good education, and they have a nice school then thank politics. Whenever a road gets repaved then–chances are–its because of politics. A politician (Or average civilian) could have petitioned for the roads to be repaved, or them being repaved could have been a campaign promise.

So if you involved in politics then your involved in many important things. Your vote can help bring change. But…

The Con’s

With all beauty there is ugly. In this case the Con’s are really ugly. So we’re just gonna list 3 con’s

  1. Hate
  2. Anger
  3. Severed Ties

And I don’t care what you say, or believe. In each political party there are people who Express these 3 things when others oppose their views. I’m not naming names, however.


If you oppose someone else’s views, and are open about it then expect the occasional debate. A debate doesn’t matter though, I consider them useful. They aren’t signs of hate is what I’m try to say. You will receive hate though for your views.

Right here in the US a women got pepper sprayed for wearing a MAGA (Mame America Great Again) hat. That the kind of hate I’m talking about. Physical, emotional, mental, whatever. If you oppose someones views openly then all things kinds of hate could be spread upon you.


Sometimes its not hate directed towards you, it’s just anger directed towards you. Anger may seem the same, but its not.

  • Hate: Someone may attack you; Anger: You may just receive the silent treatment.
  • Hate: Someone may yell at you in public; Anger: They may avoid you in public.

Quite honestly, Anger is a quiter form of hate.

Severed Ties

You ever hear the story of the Muslim who converted to Christianity, and was shunned by his family, and friends? We all have, because it’s a reality. The same goes with politics.

Democrat turns Republican, and all his/her friends don’t like him/her anymore, so they all shun, and avoid him/her. The same thing happens when some people go from Republican, to Democrat.

The most painful aren’t the friends. It when your own family starts to avoid you. It’s when your brother blocks your number. And when your sister doesn’t invite you to her birthday party.

So maybe avoiding politics is the best thing to do, if you completely want to avoid those things.


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