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Can You Trust Politico?

Asking if Politico–one of the worlds most trusted political websites–can be trusted is like asking if CNN, MSNBC, or FOX can be trusted. The fact if the matter is that 90% of major media corporations lean Democrat, and 10% of Major Media corporations are Republican. They are all 100% biased.

I’ll admit that this site leans more to the right. However I’m not afraid to say something that leans left. I try to make my site ad unbiased as possible. Biased sites/TV shows can’t be trusted.

So the answer is No. You cannot trust Politico. Because their going to report the news in a way that makes their Party (Democrats) look good. It’s the same with ABC, CNN, FOX, etc. They will report however they can to make their politicians, and party’s look the best.

I’m a Trump Supporter, yes. But I know that FOX will make him seem greater than he is. That’s why I don’t read, or watch FOX. I get all my news from small sites. So if you supported Obama, and got all you news about him from MSNBC you can expect it to be exaggerated. Take all news from Major Media Corporations with a grain–or a spoon–of salt.

The Answer

If you didn’t here me the first time, the answer is: No.


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