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Lil Wayne Blink-182 Team Up. Will It Be A Disaster

Today it was announced by Lil’ Wayne the Rapper, and Blink-182 the Alternative Rock band that they would be collaborating in a tour this summer. Thoughts?

I’ve made it clear of how I hate how Rap/Hip-Hop, and country have mixed together. Now its Rock, and Rap. I admit that Alternative Rock was never really the same as normal Rock. However that means that Rap/Hip-hop are just one step closer to fusing with the real–classic–deal Rock.

My favorite songs of Blink-182 are as follows:

  1. “What’s My Age Again”
  2. “Dysentery Gary”, and
  3. “Adam’s Song”

My favorite songs of Lil’ Wayne are as follows:

  1. I don’t like any Lil’ Wayne songs

So you can imagine how ticked off I was to hear that Lil’ Wayne redid my favorite Blink-182 Song: “What’s My Age Again”.

You Must Realize…..

So mets say that you love Blink-182 (Yay!)… and Lil’ Wayne (OK…!). This might be a dream come true for you. However you must realize that their heights of fame were at different times.

Heights of Fame

  • Blink-182 1999 With “Enema Of The State”
  • Lil Wayne 2011 With “Tha Carter IV”

They both received fame around the same time. Blink-182 received fame in 1997, and Lil’ Wayne in 1999. However Blink-182 hasn’t progressed since then, and Lil’ Wayne has. Blink-182 has a history of Band disputes, and their lates album was in 2016 (California), Lil’ Wayne is a solo act, and his latest album was in 2018 (Tha Carter V).

See Where I’m Going?

Blink-182 is a basic group, that has a history of disputes. Lil’ Wayne is more advanced, and he’s solo. I’m not gonna jinx anything, but you can expect some fights, and tour cancellations. Lil’ Wayne is his own boss. Blink-182 is a group (Again with a history of disputes). Some battles for control of power seem imminent.

Then theirs creative disputes. One of them either Blink-182, or Lil’ Wayne may want to make some changes to their tour act. Rock–even Alternative–and Rap/Hip-Hop are two whole separate genres. Blink-182 is used to one thing, Lil’ Wayne is used to another.


I’m not happy about this….. I’m a fan of Blink-182, but I’ll admit that this seems like nothing, except for them trying to grab some fame.


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