H2DI Varieties & Series

Day: May 8, 2019

The Brilliance: Metallica | Ep. 3

The rush. The Intricate, complex, and f*cking awesome guitar solo’s, and lyrics. Metallica is one of th words best selling bands with over 125 Million albums sold, since its formation in 1981. The Big Four “The Big Four” are the names of the four founding thrash metal bands. Metallica is listed alongside Slayer, Anthrax, and […]

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Darkleigh: Hanging Six Feet Under

Hanging Six Feet Under By Caden738 A robbery caused my death on Sunday A priest caused my burial the next Saturday Now I wait, and hang out in this dirt Awaiting my three little squirts If they want we’ll wait for theirs If not we’ll fade of ’till no one remembers nor cares Then someday […]

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H2DI Satire: Man Kills Beetle. PETA Prosecutes Him

So you can imagine how shocked PETA was to learn that a man was a serial bug killer. When it came to PETA’s attention that a man was using ant poison, and fly swatters. What a worthless human being, right? Continue reading this article by clicking here, and heading to H2DISATIRE. Subscribe With Your Email […]

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