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The Brilliance: Metallica | Ep. 3

The rush. The Intricate, complex, and f*cking awesome guitar solo’s, and lyrics. Metallica is one of th words best selling bands with over 125 Million albums sold, since its formation in 1981.

The Big Four

“The Big Four” are the names of the four founding thrash metal bands. Metallica is listed alongside Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeath. Only masterbands are listed in this big four, and that shows how amazing Metallica is as a band.

The Feeling

It’s a fact that your heart beat copies the music your listening too. And with Metallica your heart starts pumping 127 miles per hour. You sense this confidence in some of their songs, and an overwhelming realism in other songs that most musicians, and bands hide in their music–but Metallica thrives on that realism.

Their songs reflect death (“Fade To Black”), War (“Master Of Puppets”), love (“Nothing Else Matters”), and practically every other topic that songs cover. And they cover those topics in a way that others copy, but no matter how much they copy they never get their copy right. Metallica is unique.

Master Of Puppets

The hit song that they have played over 1,000 times is also the name of their–or at least what I consider their most brilliant–album. “Master Of Puppets” has sold 7,000,000 plus albums. It has what I would define as: The worlds greatest collection of songs. Obviously Jimi Hendrix is the worlds greatest guitarist (As we said in Ep. 1), however Metallica does pose an obvious threat to his legacy. (I mean that in the nicest possible way)

“The Unforgiven”, “Fade To Black”, & “Nothing Else Matters”

3 songs:

  • “The Unforgiven”
  • “Fade To Black”
  • “Nothing Else Matters”

The 3 best Metallica songs.

The Brilliance

Their brilliance is in their lyrics, and their abilities to form their guitar solo’s. Their brilliance is in their abilities to realistically Express the world through their music.

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