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Sandpoint, Idaho’s Terrible Beach

This is going to be an article on the stranger side of what I normally write. But this is just one terrible, terrible, *Put Drastic Emphasis on the next word* TERRIBLE beach that I just had to leave a review on.

The Beach

“Ah, the beach”. That’s what I said in Key West Florida. In Sanpoint the beach is covered in geese crap, the water is green, and for some reason there’s always a thousand people on the beach. And I honestly don’t know why?… I mean have these people ever seen a really good beach before? If I lived in Sandpoint I would be ashamed to say that Seattle–Yes freaking Seattle–had nicer beaches.

When I lay my towel down on the beach I like to relax. However I saw this joke guy lay down on a towel on that beach, and get attacked by a goose. The guy didnt activate the goose one bit. It just flew up, and attacked him. For no reason at all. The guy didnt do sh*t.

Have you ever walked in a puddle? Of course you have. And sometimes when a puddle has been somewhere for a really long time green stuff grows in the water. Not pretty green stuff. Mossy green stuff. That’s how I would describe this lake. I’ll admit it (The lake) looks pretty nice from far away. I’ll also admit that only a small percentage of the lake is like this. But if your gonna swim in a lake wouldn’t you prefer if none of the lake was like this? All it takes is one patch of this sewage-like water for some monster that resembles a knockoff Pokemon to be born…

In the end this is a terrible beach.

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