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Keeping A Blog Alive P7: Title’s

The reason that someone is reading whatever you write is most likely because of a title. You want a title that is captivating, and cool. You want a title that says “How To Become Inspired”, or “The Art Of Inspiration”, not simply “Inspire”.

If your writing a poem than one-word could work. However let it be known that it’s a poem. So if it is a poem than title is “Poem: Inspire”. But if your writing an article then “Inspire” wont cut it.

Wording is only part of your title, their is also length. Here are some guidelines:

  • Poem Title should be short 1-4 words (e.g “Poem: Winter’s Last Breath”)
  • An Article Title should be 5-7 words (e.g “How To Change A Cars Engine”, & “An Opinion On Today’s Popular Music”)
  • A Book/Novel/Novela Title Should Be 5-15 Words (e.g “The Murder Of Scarlett Gibson: A True Story About A Detective’s Newfound Madness”)

A poem is short, so its title should be short. An article’s title needs to fit properly on a sites, or newspapers “Title Area”, and not take up to much room. A book has an entire cover–and will likely cost the reader money–so you A) Have More Room for a title, & B) You really need to get them to by this book, so you need a really good title. So something short doesn’t work.

Why Titles Are So Important?

If your posting poems, or articles on a blog than your title needs to draw in viewers so that you can gain some ad revenue, and possibly a couple subscribers.

If your a book author then you need your book to sell a certain number of copies, so that it doesn’t bust, and your publisher accepts your next book. Also you can always use some die-hard fans, which you can gain if they like your book.

Newspaper? Well of you attract enough viewers, and increase circulation then you’ll make more revenue, and gain some more weekly/monthly/whatever time period paid subscribers.

Notice anything? Revenue, & Fans. Two of the things that you need to be a successful Author/Poet/Writer/Columnist/Etc. And you need good titles that attract too get those two things.

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