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3 U.S States You’ve Totally Forgotten About

There are some states that just never stir up trouble, and commotion–or as the media call it: “News”. We just forget about these states, well unless you live in them. Or maybe you do live in them, and your just so high on psychedelic ‘shrooms like the future citizens of Denver that you forgot.

1. Indiana

Pretty sure that the last time Indiana was mentioned was in that Tom Petty song “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”. Infact I was listening to that song yesterday, and I said: “Oh, Cr*p Indiana’s a state I forgot…”. Hence this article was born.

I just googled Indiana, and I looked through their newsfeed. The only news is from smaller sites like IndyStar, and its 16 hours old. Then I Google New York (The State) to compare the two. The result…?

2. New York State

The result is very clear, just look at the photo down below.

That’s the most current news. Look at how old all those articles are. Most people don’t even remember that New York is a state, they all think of the city. Honestly when did you last think of New York State. The city however…

There’s an article from 27 Minutes ago. Sure there’s some older ones, but for the most part their all within 10 hours old. No one forgets about the city, or the “Statue Of Liberty”, but All Yall forgot about the state!!!

New York State isn’t the only part of New England forgotten however, there is also…

3. Rhode Island

I looked up “U.S States” Cuz I flunked U.S history, and ain’t so good wit rememberin’. It gave a list of States, and showed photos of their flags. Notice anything? Even Google a $780-Billion Dollar Company Forgot About Rhode Island.

One of Television’s most famous TV Shows Family Guy is set in Rhode Island, and I don’t think they’ve even mentioned Rhode Island since Season 3. Has a TV show forgotten about the state their fictitious city Quahog is set in? This reporter thinks so.


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