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The Brilliance: WeRateDogs | Ep.4

Before we start all the important stuff please just let me say: this article is biased. As I’m the biggest h*ckin’ fan of WeRateDogs. Infact right after this article I’m going to weratedogs.com to buy myself a bark attack shirt. (Click here to purchase one for yourself)

What Is WeRateDogs

WeRateDogs (@Dog_Rates) is a Twitter Account, Instagram Account, and Facebook Page that accepts submissions, and rates dogs. But their most active account is the Twitter account. They rate dogs out of 10, but most of the time the dogs get a rating above 10 (e.g 12/10), because all dogs are “good dogs” according to Matt Nelson, the founder of WeRateDogs.

If that quote didnt win you over then check out their Twitter feed

They also use their fame, and popularity for animal fundraising.

The Brilliance

I would say that one of the most brilliant aspects of WeRateDogs is the taglines on the photos. Cute animal photos are one thing, but the taglines just make them a whole ‘nother thing. The taglines, and captions just give you this sense of what the animal is like.

But the second part of their Brilliance is–like I said before–their fundraising efforts. Posting cute animal–well actually he only accepts dogs…

Anyways he uses his (currently 8 Million) followers for good. He helped stock an animal shelters pantry, and then there’s the occasional GoFundMe page that he posts a link too, which often means that thousands of dollars will be donated to said GoFundMe.

WeRateDogs’ (Which by the way is copyrighted) third part of their Brilliance is their censorship. I have come across some F-Bombs on their page, but those were from a long time ago. In the beginning of this post you’ll see I said “h*ckin'”. That’s because WeRateDogs is so language censored now that they censor the word “heck”. I think that is a website for adults did that it would seem sort of… well I’m not sure, but WeRateDogs is more likely to attract children, or adults who call themselves “Children at heart” like me. Its totally not cause I’m going through a midlife crisis… mainly because I’m not even 18, but that’s beside the point.

I would like to end this article by saying that I would show you the links to posts where he uses an F-bomb, but I’m afraid that my oppressive people who runs the ads on my site–or whatever their called–would get angry, and cancel my ads. But that’s not the “end” if this article…

Dear WeRateDogs: I love your Twitter page, Instagram page, and Facebook page. Also I’ve seen all the videos on your YouTube page. I just wanted to say “I love it”, and also I really like “Thoughts Of Dog” (@dog_feelings).


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