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Grandma O

Today I decided to go in a completely different direction with my articles, and write an honorcle. Because this article is meant to bring honor, and love to someone who means very much to me: My Great-Grandmother, or as we call her, “Grandma O”.

I don’t like to give away who I am on here. But I live in Washington, and I’m under the age of 20, I’m not sure what other details I’ve told you up ’till now, but our family name starts with an “O”. Hence the “O” in “Grandma O”.

Grandma O is currently 97, born in 1922 and still kicking…. my a*s at checkers. She lived through the depression which is cool, especially since during that time of hardship her mother, and father kept her, and her 7 brothers, and sisters as happy as possible. She even has said that she “feels sorry” for kids today because we never got to experience how things once were.

She’s a Christian, and I guess a sole-survivor of sorts. Two years ago she had two sister who were both alive, then one died shortly after her husbands death, and the other passed a couple months ago. Rest in peace.

Her life hasn’t been perfect. She had a verbally abusive husband, my grandfather, who was a drunk. Unlucky for her he lived to be 92. They got divorced, but they were old-timey, and continued to live together afterwards. Then her dog, chopper, who was practically her child died at the tender age of 7, or 8. Rest In Peace Chopper.

My family currently doesn’t know that I blog, or even write for that matter. But all of you reading this do, and I just want to let it be known that I love my Great-Grandma O. She is kinder than you could possibly imagine. Infact when she would drop me off at school–at the age of 94–she would check to make sure I had socks on, and if I had forgotten she would take hers off, and give them too me. And I was very forgetful.

May God hopefully Bless her, and give you a whole ‘nother 97 years on this earth.


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