The Daily Paragraph Edition #13: Utopian Socialists

U.S News

CrossFit a major company devoted to Health, and Fitness just deleted their Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Calling the companies “Utopian Socialists. Source: FOX News

M&C International News–Know Our Neighbors

  • Mexico: Mexico is about to Auction off 82 cars that once belonged to a wide variety of people: Drug Dealers, Mobsters, etc. They will also (In an unknown amount of weeks) be auctioning off Houses, and jewelry. And All the money will go to the poor communities on Mexico. Source: The Guardian
  • Canada: Huge Portions Of The Nigerian Middle class are moving too Canada. The number is in the thousands. After they reach Canada some of them are fleeing to the U.S. Source: QUARTZ

Verse Of The Day

Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.'”–Mathew 4:10

Quote Of The Day

“Experience is the teacher of all things”–Julias Caesar

Daily Q&A

  • Q: What is the worlds most painful disease?
  • A: CRPS. Complex regional pain syndrome. AKA: “The Suicide Disease”, as the pain is so unbearable to some they kill themselves. Source:


  • Song: “Check Yes, Or No” by George Strait
  • Movie: Shallow Hal, Starring Jack Black, and Gwynth Paltrow.


  • Date: May 25th, 1019
  • Author: Caden738
  • Edition #13

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