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TheGC: Is Church Neccessary?

This is TheGoodChristian, because the Hooy Bible says we All Fall Short Of The Glory Of God, hence we aren’t perfect. But we are good, at least some of us are, and today I will be answering the question: “Do I Need to go to church to be a good Christian?”.

When you go to Church, who’s Talking? The Preacher, right? Well God talks to us through his word (The Bible), and we need to listen. Does God talk to us through a Preacher? No. Not one bit. The Preacher may say God’s word, but for all you know that man could be an Atheist. He could be deliberately blasphemous, towards God.

We should trust our fellow man, but we should not take chances. Or maybe that Preacher is accidentally altering God’s word, to fit his sermon. Still you should not trust him, and instead read the Bible.

Just read a Chapter a day, and then look back at it, and say “Now what does that mean?”. Then take your answer, and say “Is that right?”. Don’t be lazy and say, “Well this just means that. Is that correct?: Yes. End of discussion”. Start a deep thought process that you do after you read the Bible.

I have the answer, and 5-steps to get the most out of reading the Bible, down below.

Answer: No You Don’t Need To Go To Church To Be A Good Christian, It May Actually Harm Your Connection With God, Because Of Accidental, Or Purposeful Blasphemy. However You Do Need To Read The Bible, And Think On What You’ve Read, To Be A Good Christian.

Get The Most Out Of God’s Word In 5-Steps

  1. After reading the Bible, close your eyes, reflect on what you’ve read.
  2. Then look deeply at every situation, and event.
  3. Try to understand everything which you do not understand, and try to learn more about what you do understand.
  4. Pray to God, and ask for forgiveness for all wrong things you’ve done, and ask for deeper understanding
  5. Open your eyes, and just relax. Contemplating how you can make your life a lot better.

Extra Tips

  • Praying before reading the Bible may also help.
  • If you do go to Church, check everything the Preacher says each time. The second he turns blasmpeous (If He Does) get up, and leave.

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