Keeping A Blog Alive P9: Word Stuffing

Today our topic is: Word Stuffing. Many people do this for many reasons, if you don’t know what it is then let me enlighten you. Word stuffing is: greatly stretching your points, or topics of your articles so that you can achieve a large number of words.

An example of word stuffing is: When your writing an article or post about a certain topic, and your trying to get out 1,000, or 1,500 words on that topic. But you cannot achieve that many words on the topic so you start stretching out your point, and writing useless paragraphs, and sentences that you had no reason to mention in order to achieve the wanted amount of words.

While writing an article with over 1,000 or 1,500 words can bring you a great amount of traffic, you do not want to have a low Quality article, or post. If you can write a great 1,500 word article about something, and you wouldn’t need to word stuff then I say do it. But if not just write an article shorter in words, because while it may not bring you that traffic you wanted it has a higher chance of people enjoying it, liking and subscribing to your website, or blog.

Plus when you word stuff a lot of what you day can get misunderstood. Ot can come out as nonsense, or jibberish to some people. Why? Because you used so many words that weren’t needed, and sentences that weren’t needed they may have just forgotten what they were supposed to be reading. They may have gotten the wrong idea, or like I said misunderstood.

So please don’t word stuff. It’s bad for your site, and when your site isn’t quality, and you don’t get subs, eventually It will just lead to your site dying. You’ll lose interest. Sad, isn’t it? Your site could have achieved more, but now its dead. Because you word stuffed.

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