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Your Moral Compass & Its Condition

No matter what the situation, event or, any action in general there are three ways that can end. Good for you, bad for you, or neutral. Neutral means that it neither is greatly good, or greatly bad for you.

The good, bad, or neutrality can either come to you naturally, you can make them come to you yourself, or someone else can make it happen for you. Are you happy? You can make any situation good for you. But the expenses can be dire for others.

This is where morality comes into question. We are all born with a fully functional moral compass, some of us keep it that way, while most of us wear it down, and a small percentage break theirs. Is yours stopped functioning to the point where you would hurt someone else to save yourself?

The question is ask is: What condition is your moral compass in?

The good thing is that no moral compass can be completely destroyed. Though I don’t believe it can ever be completely repaired, and I know as a fact it can never be replaced. There will always be a scratch, and stain once you have damaged it. A scratch, and stain that never gods away.

To determine the condition of your moral compass you will most likely need to ask someone else to judge it for you. Most people’s minds will sugarcoat their own truth to protect themselves.

There is no real test because you would most likely lie. Like if I asked you if you would save a person or take a million dollars most people would probably say that they would save the person. When truthfully a great deal of people would take the cash. If you would honestly take the cash then your moral compass is very damaged. But that’s common in society.

Keeping A Kids Compass Intact

The good thing is that you can always try to keep your kids, or grandkids, or whoever you may raise, you can try to keep their compass intact. You can do this by teaching them manners, kindness, cheerfulness,happiness, and being kind to them. Remember the fact that a child learns from their parents so if you are bad to them they will be bad to others.

Helping Someone With A Broken Compass

If you notice that a friends compass is greatly damaged then you can try to help them. Help them the same way you would train a kid. Treat them kind, be happy around them, and so on.

Just never let them know that you think their compass is broken or else they may end your friendship, or avoid you.


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