The Canine Lampoon: Pebbles (Edition #2)

This section of the Canine Lampoon was written by Piggy the Staffordshire Terrier


Every night like clockwork the human fills a silver bowl with brown pebbles. The pebbles taste delicious!… but I must not get them confused with the grey pebbles… I mean what’s the point of grey pebbles! You can’t even chew them!

This section of the Canine Lampoon was written by Oscar Jr. The Australian Shepherd Puppy.


I love my yard! Yes my yard is perfect! I love my yard! Theirs trees, and grass, and rocks, and dirt! My yard is fun! *Bark-Bark-Bark!* Every Pup like me needs a yard!

We need yards for so many reasons!

  • Barking!
  • Peeing!
  • Playing!
  • Digging!

Yards are Essential! At least they are for me and my brother Jasper! Us

This section of the Canine Lampoon was written by Roxy the Lhasa Apso.

Modern Dog: Include Everyone In Your Barks

Hello everyone, it’s me Roxy. This article is going to make me howl, and howl out of displeasure… so here’s the story:

I was at a friend’s house, and this scary man knocked on the door. Habitually all the dogs starting barking. Except for one… little… puppy… you should have seen his cute little puppy eyes, as he whined. It’s a national tragedy when you don’t include other pups in your barks!

So to avoid hurting feelings I urge all Pup-Parents to sit your dogs down, and have a talk with them, about being inclusive in their barks.

This section of the Canine Lampoon was written by Koda Bear the Rat Terrier.

Dog News: Veganism, A Looming Threat

Dogs need their meat! We need all the deer, and duck, and whatever meats we can get! However a recent trend in owner humans is dog veganism! Already thousands of dogs suffer from veganism everyday.

You can do your part to help these dogs by finding out who they are, and being a good neighbor dog, and sneaking them some good food.