The Daily Paragraph

Day: June 7, 2019

Theresa May, UK Prime Minister Quits

Theresa May served as the Prime Minister of the UK for 3 years, and one week ago today she announced that she was going to resign from her position today, on June 7th. So now with her gone the position of Prime Minister is wide open, which means that the 1922 committee needs to choose […]

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Climbing Team Stranded On Mount Rainier Rescued

This Monday 4 climbers were stranded on Liberty Ridge, Mount Rainier. Earlier today–after 4 days–they were finally rescued by helicopter. Fortunately there were no casualties. And they were immediately taken to HarborView hospital. One man was given a black eye from falling ice, another had altitude sickness, and all four had hypothermia. They had to […]

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Trump Calls Pelosi “Nasty” & “Vindictive” After She Says She Wants To “See Him In Prison”

The feud between President Trump, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi goes on. Yesterday Pelosi is quoted as to have saying she would like to see the President “In Prison”. Then President Donald Trumo fired back at her when he said: “I Think She’s A Disgrace. I Actually Don’t Think She’s A Talented Person. I’ve Tried […]

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