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Theresa May, UK Prime Minister Quits

Theresa May served as the Prime Minister of the UK for 3 years, and one week ago today she announced that she was going to resign from her position today, on June 7th.

So now with her gone the position of Prime Minister is wide open, which means that the 1922 committee needs to choose a new prime minister.

However until his successor is chosen on June 23rd she will still be continuing her role as the prime minister of the UK.

The contest to replace her formally opens this monday. So far there is already a dozen Conservative Lawmakers fighting for the position.

So we are left with this question: Who will be Britain’s Nezt Prime Minister, and how will the new Prime Minister effect things here in the U.S


One thought on “Theresa May, UK Prime Minister Quits”

  1. I watched their D-Day memorialization the other day, and of what I saw, it looks like they currently are hashing things out. Trump seemed confident and so did she, but who takes over may change things completely. I thought it was interesting that The mother nation of the US is being supported by the US to leave the EU…and then it seems like the US is setting up an alliance that will help the UK…Like old time friends helping another because they have this history together.

    Of the deeper politics behind a romantic notion…it’s hard to say really.

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