The Daily Paragraph

Day: June 8, 2019

$69 Million Fence Being Built Around The White House After Several Security Breaches

The Secret service is having a 13-foot fence built around the White House after multiple security breaches. This new fence (double the current ones size) will begin construction soon. The entire project will cost around $69 Million. Security breaches towards the White House have been a common thing in the past years. In 2017 A […]

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India Heatwave Kills Troop Of Monkey’s & Endangered Bengal Tigers

This week in India the weather has gotten to over 122 Degrees Farenheit (about 50 Celsius), and that weather has taken its toll on 15 Monkeys. The monkeys who were living in a cave at the time suffered Heatstrokes, from lack of water. Infact the drought in India is so bad right now that a […]

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20,000 Acre Wa State WildFire Causing Evacuations

In Grant County which lies in Central Washington state there is currently a wildfire which spans more than 20,000 Acres. So far said fire has caused many evacuations, the exact number of which are unknown. The Sherrif is quoted of saying on facebook: Level 3 Evacuation for Smyrna (A Wa State City, About 150 Miles […]

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