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20,000 Acre Wa State WildFire Causing Evacuations

In Grant County which lies in Central Washington state there is currently a wildfire which spans more than 20,000 Acres. So far said fire has caused many evacuations, the exact number of which are unknown.

The Sherrif is quoted of saying on facebook:

Level 3 Evacuation for Smyrna (A Wa State City, About 150 Miles East Of Seattle). Leave Now! LEAVE NOW! POLICE ENROUTE TO NOTIFY RESIDENTS. Level 3 means you are in immediate danger. Load your family and pets into your vehicle, and GO NOW

As of yesterday 85% of the fire has been contained, and is under control. However this time of year the weather in that part of Washington State is dry.

Luckily only sheds, barns, and other buildings of that type have been damaged. There are no fatalities, injuries, or houses burned down.


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