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India Heatwave Kills Troop Of Monkey’s & Endangered Bengal Tigers

This week in India the weather has gotten to over 122 Degrees Farenheit (about 50 Celsius), and that weather has taken its toll on 15 Monkeys.

The monkeys who were living in a cave at the time suffered Heatstrokes, from lack of water.

Infact the drought in India is so bad right now that a man stabbed six people after he was denied extra water at a public tank.

Statistics show that right now 43% of India is going through this drought, which adds up too over 575,000,000 people. That number is almost twice the size of the entire United States’ population.

Other animals which the drought is taking a toll on are species such as the Bengal Tiger population of India. Unfortunately Bengal Tigers are endangered. With only 2,500 Bengal Tigers left, this drought could be a cause of extinction.


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