The Daily Paragraph

Day: June 9, 2019

19th Century Restored Ship Sinks In Germany

Recently over $1.7 Million USD was poured into an old Schooner Wooden Ship from the year 1883. That ship has just collided with a Containier Vessel, and put 43 lives in danger. While everyone was rescued, and their were no fatalities, the 121-footSchooner sank. Its owners however do hope to salvage what they can, and […]

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Texas Police Chief Found Dead

The search for Chris Ried a former Veteran, and current Polocd Chief of Kemah ended at 7:54 this morning, when the coat guard found a body that matched his description. He died when he was on a boat with his wife, and a large wave knocked him off into Galveston Bay. He was 50 years […]

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Comcast Violated Washington State Consumer Protection Act Over 445,000 Times

Comcast was given a $9.1 Million fine by the State of Washington for violating the Consumer Protection Act over 445,000 Times. What Comcast did was sign up nearly 31,000 people nonconsensually to their SPP (Service Protection Plan) plan. Not informing them of they extra cost. They also misrepresent the cost of the SPP plan as […]

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