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Comcast Violated Washington State Consumer Protection Act Over 445,000 Times

Comcast was given a $9.1 Million fine by the State of Washington for violating the Consumer Protection Act over 445,000 Times.

What Comcast did was sign up nearly 31,000 people nonconsensually to their SPP (Service Protection Plan) plan. Not informing them of they extra cost. They also misrepresent the cost of the SPP plan as “Free” to an additional almost 19,000 people. They even signed up people who declined the SPP Plan.

The $9.1 Million fee however is not as great as it sounds, As Comcast made $85 Million from its SSP plan in Washington State. They will also be court ordered to issue out refunds to their customers, and forced to pay a large restitution with 12% interest.

Comcast fought the charges with an “Army of corporate lawyers”, and refused to accept responsibility for their actions.

“Comcast refused to accept responsibility for its egregious conduct that resulted in Washingtonians losing every month for a product they did not want or request”–Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson


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