The Daily Paragraph

Day: June 11, 2019

Gov. Jay Inslee Signs Bill That Could Mean Humans Become Compost After Death

Washington State is now the first state in the nation which offers “accelerated Decomposition Methods” so that the deceased may be used for fertilization of soil. Who can you thank? Well Jay inslee of course! Jay Inslee is running for President too. Cant you just imagine hos campaign slogan? “Jay Inslee: I Use The Dead […]

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Man On Electric Scooter Hit By Truck In Paris

History was made today as Paris just had its first fatal accident involving an electronic scooter. The victims name was not reported. In Paris there’s over 20,000 E-Scooters, and they have incredibly lenient E-Scooter laws. However their numbers keep rising all the time, so much so that Paris’ Mayor Anne Hidalgo said that their consistent […]

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US Man Released From Iran Captivity After 4 Years

Nizar Zakka, 52, was released from an Iranian Prison today, after 4 long years. He was unlawfully arrested in 2015, and sentenced to 10 ten years in prison, in 2016 for “Espionage”. Zakka is a Lebanese citizen, but he has Permanent U.S residency. He said that while he was in prison that he was “Subjected […]

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