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Man On Electric Scooter Hit By Truck In Paris

History was made today as Paris just had its first fatal accident involving an electronic scooter. The victims name was not reported.

In Paris there’s over 20,000 E-Scooters, and they have incredibly lenient E-Scooter laws. However their numbers keep rising all the time, so much so that Paris’ Mayor Anne Hidalgo said that their consistent increase in numbers is “Anarchic”.

While it is hard for them to find laws that would prohibit this, the mayor did issue several new laws for E-scooter safety such as: E-Scooters are now banned from parks, may not park on sidewalks, and now have speed limits that do not exceed 12 MPhH for public roads.

Disobeying these laws can result in fines as much as $150 USD.


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