Suicides Among Law Enforcement On The Rise

Last year, and two years before that more NYPD officers died of suicide, than work-related deaths. (e.g robbery gone bad) And that trend does not seem to be slowing down, as reported by USA Today 3 NYPD Police Officers have killed themselves in the past 10 days.

“This is a mental-health crisis. And the NYPD & the law enforcement profession as a whole absolutely must take action. We must take care of each other; we must address this issue — now.”–James O’Neill (NYPD Police Commissioner)

While the latest suicide victim has remained anonymous we do know that a Funeral was held for Steven Silks, 62, on Monday who shot himself. He shot himself after he was forced to retire.

Steve truly was one of the most capable and most dependable cops this job has ever seen, His entire career, much of his adult life in fact, was devoted to New York City, to its police officers and to fighting crime and to protect all the people that we serve.“–James O’Neill

These men served our country, and are one of the most honorable breed of human. Thank God for our law enforcement, and hopefully when they are faced with mental health issues they can contact a professional for help. Because these men deserve to live, more than most others.