H2DI Varieties & Series

Day: June 21, 2019

U.S Blacklists An Additional 5 Chinese Companies

President Trump’s administration blacklisted an additional 5 Chinese companies, and entities earlier today. The reason is because the company’s, and entities risked American National Security, or they went against foreign policy. By blacklisting these companies, and entities they may no longer purchase any U.S technology without written consent of the U.S Government. Which really sucks […]

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Pierce County Man Attempts To Murder His Girlfriend Because She Returned His Car Too Late

Last wednesday A 54-year old Pierce County resident let his girlfriend, 34, borrow his car. When she took too long borrowing the car he tracked her down on motorcycle, shot at her (Hitting the car), and brutally beat her. Witnesses say they witnessed him pull her over with his motorcycle, using a gun. Dragged her […]

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91 Year Old Holocaust Surviver Murdered In Hit-And-Run

In Los Angelous a 91 year old Holocaust surviver was murdered by an unknown assailant by hit-and-run. The holocaust survivors name is Gennady Bolotsky. A strange part about the whole thing is the fact that–according to his neighbors–he was hit by a car in the exact same spot 15 years ago, and survived. “He had […]

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