H2DI Varieties & Series

Day: June 22, 2019

Ethiopian Officials Being Attacked, & Killed

Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, announced that the country’s Defense Chief Of Staff was shot. Recently in Ethiopa there has been a dramatic increase of unrest in the northern Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Which is believed to be the reason that the Defense Chief of Staff was shot, as he was attacked by “Mercenaries”. […]

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11 Dead On Hawaiian Oahu Plane Crash

11 people have died in a plane crash in Oahu, Hawaii. Those people–primarily in their 20’s–were skydivers, 2 women, 9 males. There were no survivors. The plane was an American-Built miniature utility aircraft according to the Hawaiian department if transportation. “In my 44 years as a firefighter in Hawaii, this is the most tragic incident […]

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Man Driving Slow On I-5 Hit, And Killed By Truck

A man aged 22 from Granite Falls whose identity is remaining Anonymous was killed today in a car crash. In most car crashes someone was going too fast. However In this case the driver was going incredibly slow, or stopped completely on I-5, when he was rammed by a truck. The Driver died immediately after […]

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