H2DI Varieties & Series

Day: June 24, 2019

Pierce County Sex Offender, Gerald Blaisure, Charged

Gerald Thongkum Blaisure, 42, is being charged with 3 counts of Luring, after he nearly hit 3 girls with his car, and then proceeded to try, and lure them into his car. The three girls–one fourteen, two twelve–ran into the store, and told the clerk. (Smart Girls, they were obviously raised right to avoid piece’s […]

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Florida Mom Arrested After Supposedly Killing Her Step-Father & 7 Year Old

Alyssa Marrie Torres, 29, shot 3 people. Her daughter, her step-father, and her mother. Two of them died, young–innocent–7 year old Amarilyss Martinez, her daughter. And 54-year old Felix Rivera, her step-father. Thank God her mother Marisol Rivera, 53, was rushed to the hospital. With injuries, but we are not sure if they are fatal, […]

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Mexico Sends Additional 15,000 Troops To The U.S-Mexico Border

Mexico has sent just under 15,000 troops to the U.S-Mexico Border, at least according to the Mexican Secretary of Defense, Luis Sandoval. There is also an estimated 6,500 troops/National Guard deployed to Mexicos Southern borders. This all comes after Trump, and Mexixo reached a trade deal, where it was stated that if Mexico didn’t help […]

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