5 Ways To Avoid Getting Banned In Pubg |MBGT2|

How strict is PUBG Mobile Team in Banning user’s account?

So you love PUBG Mobile like the lot of us and been playing for quite some time now. Additionally, you have secured yourself a reputable rank and confident enough with your level of skills. pubg mobile account banned But here are some tips to avoid getting an “pubg mobile account banned” notice the next morning you logged in to your PUBG Mobile account.

Short Term PUBG Mobile account Ban:-

Of course there are short term bans, which lasted for a day or two. Some other serious violations may result your account to be banned for 100 years or as they called it, permanent ban.

Some of the less serious reasons for short term ban of accounts include killing one’s own team mates, inappropriate behavior and language by use of the voice chat while playing the game. In case you didn’t notice, there is a “user report” feature in the game and you never know who may have use that to report your account.

Although these are short term ban, repeated occurrence may result in permanent ban (check source: different levels of PUBG ban).

Permanent PUBG Mobile account Ban:-

Then there are violations such as using cheat codes, bug abuse, accessing or playing PUBG Mobile game using a third party app which may enhance your controls and game play. There are several PUBG Mobile Players who complained of getting their account banned for 3650 days. That’s 10 whole years no kidding! See below:

pubg Mobile Account Banned

So, yeah. It’s a reality. You don’t want to get your hard work going down the drain. The above ban was a result of using Octopus app for enhancement of firing in the game(I personally asked him). Now you know what to do and what not to.

I got Hacked: (Success Rate 50%+)

This method builds on the fact that for almost every online game out there, there are fake hacks, generators and fake cheats that log your login data to hack your account. What you do here is you change your IP to another IP than the one you used to cheat/exploit/whatever and claim that you didn’t play for a long time and now are banned after having used a fake “free stuff generator” for the game you got banned from.

So far, this is the best method that I use to get account unbanned for RWT, hacks, boating etc. It won’t work every time, but it will work more often than not if done correctly.

Being Honest and Apologetic: (Success Rate 30%+)

While being honest is certainly virtuous, good and better than using a badly thought-through lie or changing one’s story, it is only the 2nd best method of getting your game account unbanned that I know of. All you basically do is come clean, tell them everything you did and express your regret, beg for mercy and hope. Works better for accounts that have spent a lot of money on any given game.

This method is easy, but there are games where it will simply not work because the support people don’t even have the right to unban you, even if they feel sorry for your situation and feel that your regret is real.

I didn’t do Anything! (Success Rate <10%)

It’s what a lot of people do that have been caught for the first time and don’t know what they are doing. This will not work in 90%+ of cases, because usually when you are getting banned it is because of player reports, evidence, detected unauthorized access, hacks, aimbots ect. Coming clean is literally multiple times better than this very childish method of trying to get back ones account.

Why Should You Not Use PUBG Mobile Hacks and Cheat Codes?

PUBG Mobile uses advanced anti cheat codes and you can not bypass this. The developer team has made sure of that. Why would anyone want to spoil the work of those dedicated developers who are giving so much of their mind, their time and their knowledge to give us the best gaming experience?


In order to comply with the rules and regulations and to not get your PUBG Mobile account banned, the above examples will help you. In case of a ban, there is no solution at this time to recover your account. The only option remains to sing up or sign in with a different social account such as twitter, facebook or your google play account. Our best advice is to stick to the game and play and enjoy and not try to get shortcuts to climb up your rank.