Granny: Rated & Reviewed

Granny so far has 50 Million Plus downloads, and the number is rising everyday. Heck, believe it or not but I downloaded the game when it only had 100K downloads. But that’s not the point of this article; the point is that Granny is an OK game. But not great.

The point of this game is to explore an old, “decrepit” house, and find objects, and tools to escape said house. All while crazy old Granny is on the loose (Inless your in practice mode where there is no Granny) and trying to kill you.

The house makes sounds that attract Granny, and she is unkillable by the way. You can sedate her temporarily, but that’s all. She will knock you out the first 3 times she finds you, and you will respawn in your room. The fourth time however she kills you in one of many cut scene’s.

Game Rating & Review:

As I said this game Is OK, but not great. I judged 5 separate factors from the game (the main factors), and rated each one to come up with this analysis:

  1. Granny has some of the best graphics, and incredible detail (10/10 Points)
  2. Yet there isn’t much of a story here. This is the type of game where you would expect some sort of storyline, but the only way to get that is if you google it, and go to the Wiki page. (4/10)
  3. This game is hardThat’s good! It keeps you trying, and aspiring to win. That would be worth 7 points, but you’ve got to factor in the fact that if a game is too hard people just quit, and never finish it. And this game is for a younger audience. Aka the “easy quitting” audience. That’s bad! (5/10 Points, I’m Meeting In The Middle)
  4. I might have to meet in the middle again here with this next one. It’s cool that the items respawn in different places each game. But they respawn in the same set places. You know that if you go to point A every game you’ll find something, and though it may be different each time it still makes the game a little bit predictable, and easy. It wouldn’t be hard for them to add in more places to hide things, and occasionally have it so that 3 out of 10 places are always empty. (6/10 Points)
  5. In-App purchases. I tackle this in every gaming article, because its incredibly important. We the people don’t want games that cost us $100 per month to simply keep up. In this app the only purchase is one to remove ads, and it’s only $1. That’s Incredible! Its rare! You can tell that DVloper (the apps developer, duh) really cares about the app, not money. (10/10)

The Total: 35/50=70/100=…


A C- is not a bad game score, but it’s not a good one either. It’s an OK game score.

In Summary:

Granny is a complicated game, that keeps your attention. Its predictable, yet fun. They don’t try to squeeze every penny from you, infact they only want $1, which if you ask me is worth it.