How To Get The Flare Gun Pubg |MBGT2|

The flare gun is rare but not the super rare. I mean my friends and I have got the flare gun in many places after the maintenance period was over. Though the update has not come yet.So, basically we have got flare gun in Stalbar, Severny, Kameshki, Ferry pier, Novorempoye, Georgopol in Erangel map till now. So, I think that there is at least one flare gun in every place, u just need to have that luck to get it.

If you don’t know about flare guns concept then let me clear your concept. If you are not in the safe zone u will get a uaz or any other car. But, if you are in the safe zone then you will get one AR or LMG along with a sniper. Though you will get level 3 armors alsoIn the Recent Update of Pubg 0.8, Pubg Lovers knows that Flare Gun has been Added which is Amazing and Exciting for All Pubg Lovers around the World.

But, The excitement was turned Off when nobody was able to Find the Flare Gun in Pubg Mobile.

It was becoming so hard to Find out Flare Gun in Pubg, But anyhow We have Searched the whole game for multiple Times and at Last, we have Finally Made a list of Five Locations where you can Find the Flare gun in Pubg Mobile.

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Top #1 Location: Mylta Power

Mylta Power has been in the Record for the Most Beloved Place for the Players in Pubg Mobile, as we know the specialty of this place is the Navy Blue Building where we can find amazing Weapons and Pieces of equipment.

Mylta Power

Similarly, Flare gun is a Rare Item in the Game, Eventually, Mylita Power is the Best Place for Rare Items as well.

I’m not saying this by just Imagination, This was my doubt, so what I did is, I played more than 5 games and I Landed in Mylta Power and the Five Times I got the Flare Gun!

So Personally I recommend you to Land in the Mylta Power and go to the Navy Blue Color Building. In this Building among the First Floor and the Second Floor, There is 99% Chance for Flare Gun.

Top #2 Location: Myltia

Don’t Get Confude Here, Because of “Myltia Power” and just “Myltia” are Two Different Places in Pubg Mobile. These Two Locations can be found Near to Each other, as you can see on the Map they are Near to Each other.

So what actually happened in my experiments is, I landed in “Myltia Power” and I got the Flare gun, after getting it I started moving to the nearest place Mylita, and here Unfortunately I Got another Flare gun.

As a result, I landed in “Myltia” for Multiple Times and Tested it out thoroughly and yes, Flare gun is available in “Myltia” As well.

You can get the flare gun either in the Myltia Power or just Mytlia, it is up to you. Now don’t get too excited about these two locations, I got more three locations for you, and maybe these will be your favorite.

Top #3 Location: Sosnuvka Military Base

Sosnuvka Military Base is the Favorite one for most of the pubg players, as this place name stands for a military base which means a military area which is related to weapons.

Similarly, according to its name, it is among the best locations for getting amazing and rare weapons and scopes.

When it comes for flare gun, Yes you will find the flare gun in this location. In my experiments, I found the majority of the Flare guns in the Three Buildings which are side by side in the “Sosnuvka Military Base“. Maye inside the buildings or on the top of the buildings.

But here make sure you get off this Location after getting the flare gun, because there are too many players out there who love to land at the Military Base. If you are not a perfect or pro player then you must get out this location by waiting for a chance and go far away so that no one can come to you by watching the flare you are going to shot in the sky.

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Top #4 Location: Georgopol

Oh wow, I can feel your happiness for Geargopol for Snipers and 8x scope. Well, I’m a big fan of this location because this location gives me the KAR98 weapon which is my Favorite.

So, if you are already landing on this location daily, then you must search the top of the containers because the Flare gun is available on the top of the containers. Similarly, the chances are 20% for finding the flare gun in the Sheds instead of containers.

Here is a tip for you, If you found a flare gun in Georgopol, then be safe, because there are so many chances of getting killed by the pro players because Georgopol is the most lovable place for pro players.

Top #5 Location: Yasnaya Polyana

At last, we are talking about a location which is not that much good for an amazing collection of weapons. Everyone knows that Yasnaya Polyana is the location where the weapons like SCAR-L, M416 are so general, but the other weapons are so rare in this place.

But Flare gun is the rare item which can be found in Yasnaya Polyana, well I don’t know it is a good or bad for flare gun because there are tons of houses and building. It is so hard to search the whole yasnaya for a little flare gun.

It is your wish, you choose any of the locations of these five. But I especially recommend the top 4 locations, because when I was experimenting it was so difficult to search for the flare gun in Yasnaya, but yes I got the flare gun in yasnaya but it is so big to find one little red pistol.

Okay, if you know more locations or something about flare gun, the comment box below is for free, just comment your words so Pubg players around the world can read it!

#Free tip: Never shoot the Flare gun outside the white circle, because there is a reason behind it if you want to know that, just read this.