Rookie Pubg Mistakes |MBGT2|

What are some things that newbies do in Pubg?

You, me & most of us were Noobies at some point in time. Some of us still are. Noob player does many things which makes them part of the Noobies category.

Some of the things they do:-

Aiming down while running.

Most of the time players tilt down the aim while running. Due to this, they couldn’t spot the enemy.

They don’t use Smoke Grenade.

Smoke Grenade is quite handy when it comes to survival. It can help you in various situations like:-

  1. During Revive
  2. To change position

They use flare gun without planning.

Now, you may differ on this point. But, in my opinion, you must use it in Far, Open and remote place & around the boundary of Circle.

They don’t know anything about Weapon attachment.

I mean things like Quickdraw Magzine, Suppressor, Compensator, Flash Hider, Light Grip doesn’t exist.

Using Peek in & out.

This makes sniping a hell lot of easy. But, due to lack of knowledge of this game player don’t use them.

Preferring building over an open area( prone).

Now, this comes with experience. You can’t expect No. 1 player from the very first day. Most of the Pro Players prefer ground over hiding in the building.

There are other things as well which makes us Noob. Don’t worry if you are one of them. Everybody has gone through this phase.