3 Ways A Kid Can Make Money

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Are you looking for the 3 ways a kid can make money but you are confused that how to do it and which is the best website which show the real way of earning then you are here at the right place.

I’m not gonna say “Babysitting”, or “Tutoring”. I’m just not. Because as a kid myself (My age is somewhere from 14-18. Take a guess.) I can give you real advice from a Kid who used these methods himself to amass a small monetary stockhold.

First Let’s Face Facts

Facts like: Our generation looks for the easy way out. There’s less than a 0.01% chance you will become a successful YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram influencer.

And even if you do they don’t actually make tons of money, that’s all a facade. (Fun Fact: Did you know that whenever a YouTuber spends “X” amount of money on something they rarely are the actual ones whose money is being spent? Like famous YouTuber Mr. Beast who is famous for giving away millions! Even though almost none of that money is his, it all comes from “Brand Deals”)

Let’s Be Realistic

If you want to make money you will have to likely put work into it. This means you will have to put time into it. Because seriously you won’t be an overnight sensation, and even then again you won’t make a lot of money.

So Let’s Get Started


3. Allowance

Don’t ask your family for $75 a week just cause. Instead say you’ll take out the trash, and do the dishes for $2 a day. ($14 a week). Then slowly start doing more things like cleaning the floors, and rooms, and maybe even the bathrooms (or whatever else you can thing of) over the next 3-4 weeks. Charge an extra $1 a day until your making $4, or $5 a day ($28-$35 per week). Preferably $35. Then ask for a $5 raise, to $33, or $40.

Note: you can also offer to do chores for your neighbors, and grandparents. Or really anyone. Heck, hang up fliers around your town/city/neighborhood listing your age, service, & price. You need to note your age so that they don’t get surprised and mad when a kid shows up.

4 chores a day shouldn’t take more than an hour a day.
Dishes: 10 Minutes
Trash: 5 Minutes
Clean Base Floors ( Read: Living Room, Family Room, Kitchen, etc.): 30 Minutes
Random Room Clean-Up: 10 Minutes

That Leaves An Extra 10 Minutes. What Chore Do You Think You Could Do In 10 Minutes To Make It 5 Chores Per Day? Maybe If You Ha e A Small Yard… Mowing And Yard Maintenance.

2. Become A Buisness Person

You can sell things!

Arts, & Crafts:

  • Origami
  • Paintings/Drawings

Useful Items For Others Your Age

  • New Pencils
  • Paper
  • Games


  • Collectors Cards (Like Pokemon)
  • Really anything someone may collect…

Stand Items

  • Lemonade Stand (Or Ice Tea Stand)
  • Ice Cream Stand

You Can Sell Pretty Much Anything

How To Sell

There are many ways to sell things.

  • From Stands (Like Lemonade Stands)
  • Directly from your house (Create fliers that say “Come to the house from 1-3 P.M, Knock On The Door, Ask For <Enter Yiur Name Here>. KNOW THE ITEM(S) YOU WANT AHEAD OF TIME”. Only ad the last part if you attach a menu to each flier.
  • Sell to friends. Let them know your selling and have them tell you what they want. Then bring the item to them to next day, and have them also bring the money.
  • Sell your products online. (You will actually have to have your parents sell them for you on a site they technically own. As you will have to pay taxes. So get permission)

1. Get A Real Part-Time Job

Yes, real jobs are a thing. Weird right? I mean we as kids don’t have jobs, and the whole world revolves around us, so who knew they existed? Well make them reality by getting them yourself!

Jobs Such As:

  • Bagger (Like Ar Target)
  • Fast-Food Worker
  • Gas Station Stocker

And more!


Money is useless if it’s used unwisely, and isn’t saved properly. So save, and spend wisely, I guess.


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