3 Ways An Adult Can Make Money

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As an Adult your broke, depressed, and looking for some extra cash. Now you hate me, don’t you? Well who cares! You need me to learn how to make some extra money to pay for your kids baseball, or cheer leading outfit. So here’s how an adult can make money.

1. Paid Writing

You can earn up to $100 for an article that only takes you 45-60 minutes to write. That’s $100 an hour! Although chances are your articles will get declined, and you may not even get $10 for that article. That’s when you take $100 and start a site with WordPress get the premium plan, and monetize your writing for yourself.

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Still don’t give up on submitting though. Still submit, and if you haven’t heard back in two weeks publish your articles, listicle’s, or whatever on your site. (Even Photography!)

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2. Jobs

I learned on my Online Class that a Job is temporary, and a Career is long-term. That’s all I learned. Thanks a lot 8th grade, you were so f*cking helpful. I can definitely see how that’s gonna help me in life. Anyways if your handy with tools that aren’t your own *Rimshot* you may be able to get a couple small jobs from Friends.

Here are things that you could do as part-time Jobs, or “Projects”:

  • House Repairs; Handyman Skills Needed
  • Small Computer Repair; Advanced Computer Knowledge Needed
  • Tutor; Equal, Or Above Knowledge Level Of The One You are Tutoring

3. Long-Term Solutions

Long-Term solutions are investments. I didn’t say this was a “Quick Money Article”, so don’t get pissed off at this solution. Stocks, Bonds, various other investments. They could pay off… or you could lose all of your investment. Invest at your own risk!


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